Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance

Powersolv, Inc. leverages its expertise in CMMI Level 3, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ITIL best practices to deliver application development services to various Federal, State and County Government(s) as well as Local and Not for Profit agencies. Powersolv provides Agile DevOps methodology with customized application development services to our clients with latest state of the art technology, high fidelity and tailor-made features. Our services enable clients to seamlessly adapt to today’s business challenges and achieve IT goals that align with business needs. Powersolv ensures that organizations are able to minimize the time between conception and deployment by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle.

Powersolv is focused on developing quality solutions to complex Information Technology challenges. We utilize Agile and DevOps software development methodology to implement and deliver our clients’ software applications by incorporating practices such as iterative development sprints in collaboration with the entire team, test-driven development, unit testing, continuous integration, and user acceptance testing. Our integrated Agile and DevOps approach for software development lifecycle to be tailored, based on the changing mission needs and requirements, by ensuring collaboration of operations and development engineers throughout the service lifecycle. We rapidly deliver capabilities, while demonstrating to clients and stakeholders that our methods continuously improve the quality of work, promote transparency, and provide accountability through clear metrics at every stage of development.

This approach enables us to address the highest priority needs of our clients while adapting to changing requirements. Our software development methodology provides the following benefits:

• Realize faster time to market
• Increase frequency and quality of deployments
• Improve solution quality and shorten lead times for fixes
• Deliver early and often, and detect errors earlier
• Improve innovation and risk-taking by making it safer to experiment
• Reduce the severity and frequency of release failures

The assessment criteria we use while assessing candidate services for development and deployment are:


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