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Application Development and Maintenance

Powersolv provides agile and customized application development services to our clients with latest, high fidelity and tailor made features. Maintaining effective and efficient applications to support specific business requirements is a prerequisite for ensuring competitive levels of performance. Our services enable clients to seamlessly adapt to today's business challenges and achieve IT goals that align with business needs. Powersolv ensures organizations minimize the time between conception and deployment by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle.


Powersolv’s software development methodology – Integrated Software Life Cycle (ISLC) – is a fusion of the best of Rational Unified Process (RUP); Rapid proofing by prototyping with Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile Iterative Development. ISLC mandates user participation at specification and architecture stages to ensure all explicit and implicit requirements are captured, documented and agreed upon early in the life cycle. ISLC leverages Unified Modelling Language (UML) for industry standard documentation and development communication. Powersolv’s ISLC recognizes the need for comprehensive and substantive integrated testing after integration and before releasing the software artifact to larger audience. The assessment criteria we use while assessing candidate services for development and deployment are:

  • Security
  • Exposure
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Transformation
Quality Assurance and Testing

Demands and expectations for greater efficiency and performance from applications are constantly increasing and QA testing is essential for meeting these demands. Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing has evolved beyond the limited scope of detecting and preventing defects in software to being a key step without which any development model is incomplete.

With the objective of achieving complete customer satisfaction, Quality Management (QM) is an essential part of Powersolv’s task management process. As part of our Quality Assurance and Testing mechanism, we focus on two components:

  • Quality Control (QC), which contributes to the delivery of products and services that meet or exceed client requirements.
  • Quality Assurance (QA), which ensures that work meets defined specifications.


Powersolv’s Quality Assurance Services offer a holistic process that covers a complete range of QA needs for a diverse range of customers with unique business needs. Our services for Quality Assurance include:

  • Functional Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
Enterprise Architecture and Integration

Today software applications are viewed as an essential part of the business process, most organizations use a diverse range of applications including SCM, ERP and CRM. The integration of these discordant applications is imperative for the efficient functioning of an organization’s system. Powersolv envisions to develop, deliver and manage a comprehensive enterprise architecture that suits your business environment.

Enterprise Intelligence System (EIS) allows us to help our customers attain their objectives through the implementation of pertinent Information Technologies. Our comprehensive and intelligent enterprising solutions have made us a reliable provider of integration, strategic project consultation and intelligent business solutions that help our clients realize their business goals and solve their immediate or long term application requirements.


Within the spectrum of Enterprise Architecture, we also provide Data Architecture, System Architecture along with and Application Portfolio Management. Business decisions based on insights generated from data result in recurring benefits for the organization. An exhaustive enterprise architecture is necessary for the efficient integration of data driven analysis in an organization’s business process.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Once viewed as a peripheral service, Mobility has now entered the mainstream of Information Technology solutions. Organizations look at mobility as one of the key elements of business process automation and as a means for attaining increased efficiency and engagement. Websites are increasingly adapting to the mobile platform, in terms of mobile webpages, hybrid apps or dedicated Native apps. This requires a big investment, sufficient amount of time and involves security concerns.


In our experience, the most successful enterprise mobility strategies are built on a strong collaboration between business and technology. Powersolv, offers a wide pool of tools and services for enterprise mobility that are customizable as per your organizations individual needs, are user friendly and facilitate the integration of enterprise systems. Information security is a key concern in mobility and we ensure its integrity through a robust security process that is applied to all mobility services we provide. Our Enterprise Mobile solutions are sophisticated, dynamic, highly operable and are upgraded and maintained by regular infrastructure testing.

Business Applications (COTS Implementation)

Companies are increasingly turning to commercial applications to enhance or replace their proprietary-based IT systems. Purchasing and integrating Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products provide substantial cost and operational benefits to custom development projects. At Powersolv, we provide the tools, capabilities, and expertise to integrate Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software with both legacy and next-generation systems. We also provide technology knowledge and best practices that will ensure your mission success with cost savings and improvements to overall efficiency.


We provide specified solutions and services that cater to customers' critical demands for corporate support systems including:

  • CRM Systems Implementation: Managing customer relationships with care and support;
  • ERP Systems Implementation: Integrating business resource applications for back office functioning;
  • Supply Chain Management: Integrating Supplier-Manufacturer-Wholesaler-Retailer-Customer chain with precision.
Database Management

Organizations encounter persisting challenges in managing progressively complex and growing data portfolios while meeting business expectations. An optimized data and reporting environment is crucial for an organization to stay afloat. It has become increasingly important to manage and leverage data assets efficiently & optimally to ensure dependable and meaningful data insights for better business functioning.

Powersolv has executed database support services for many years over multiple projects. Our specific Database Management System functions are:

  • Data Modeling
  • Database Administration
  • Database Re-Engineering
  • Data Security


Powersolv’s Database Management Services supplement business processes by providing advantages in data administration and server support services that includes:

  • Enhanced data consistency and dependability
  • Low total cost of maintenance
  • Easier sharing of data
  • Swift upgrading of data sources
Program and Project Management

Powersolv helps organizations improve business process and overall efficiency by providing industry-leading program and project management consulting services, methods and tools. We provide suitable enhancement solutions to our customers for business management. Our solutions are aimed to infuse our customers' systems with agility and improve their Project Portfolio Performance (PPP).


Powersolv has a strong history of implementing process innovations that combine project management, applications development, systems integration, and service delivery best practices in its solution. In Our Services:

  • Core processes are followed in every project; examples include Project Planning and Oversight, Risk Management, and Measurement and Analysis
  • Variable processes are only followed as applicable, depending on the nature and size of the project
  • Process-related templates and materials are customized to each project, within acceptable bounds of CMMI maturity practices
  • Performance metrics are captured for each process applied; specific acceptable thresholds and corrective actions are defined at project onset.

    This model allows us to customize our efforts to best serve projects as disparate as operations support, wide-scale systems integration and cutting edge application development, while maintaining consistent, disciplined oversight of operations.

Change Management

All businesses compete for market share and the requirement for flexible and adaptive IT services it offers is paramount. The Change Management process helps you control the life cycle of strategic, tactical, and operational changes to IT services by following the standardized procedures. Change Management is a process of developing a planned approach to transform individuals, teams and organizations by employing methods that re-direct the use of resources, budget allocation, business processes and other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company.


Powersolv’s Change Management services involve:

  • Facilitating strategic business efforts to align organizational development,
  • Articulating, communicating and implementing effective efforts,
  • Developing subject matter expertise in specific functional areas,
  • Engaging cross functional teams to support key stakeholders' expectations,
  • Establishing strong and credible relationship,
  • Demonstrating experience and knowledge of core business functions and processes.

    Our Change Management approach allows you to drive adoption and usage so initiatives deliver expected outcomes and results while increasing profits, improving performance and enhancing your competitive advantage.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

The exponential influx of information and multiple silos, unstructured formats have made efficient data storage and reporting a tough task, companies often find it difficult to absorb the information and utilize it properly and effectively. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence address these issues and optimize information in a manner that it becomes an asset which is uniformly managed. Powersolv provides end to end data warehousing and BI solutions, robust database housing for better process implementations including- Reporting and Analytics, Maintenance and Support, Data Mining, Quality Management, and Strategy Deployment.


Successful data warehouse implementation requires methodically designed, easy-to-maintain Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) processes. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge on the subject we apply first hand expertise with industry proven ETL tools to architect and construct efficient, high performance, data warehouse designs. A comprehensive data warehouse design and architecture is the foundation of a successful BI project. Our solutions contain some essential features facilitating integration conduct, affordable reporting and analytics and are thereby

  • Scalable
  • Real time
  • Agile
  • Economical
Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Independent Verification and Validation are autonomous procedures used to verify any loopholes or mismanagement in the product, procedures, systems and services of an organization. The autonomous generally refers to a third-party intervention, not involved directly in the process to carefully observe, analyze and review the business processes. IV&V works independently to meet requirements and specifications till the systems meet their intended purposes.

Using IV&V, we identify inconsistencies in the product quality and specifications ensuring that the final product meets all the user requirements. At Powersolv, we ensure acceptance and suitability with external factors vis-a-vis the internal process for enhanced performances of the entire system the organization or the enterprise is running on.


Powersolv believes in structuring the processes and making them comprehensive and robust, some of the important components of our process are:

  • Operations and Management
  • Design, Develop and Implement
  • Identify and Resolve Issues
  • Reviews and Analysis
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business processes today require constant restructuring and radical redesigning to remain profitable and maintain competitiveness in a challenging and uncertain marketplace. When implemented well BPR projects result in more efficient and effective operations. The restructuring of the processes should be dynamic and receptive of changes to be able to synchronize with the processes a company adheres to.


Powersolv suggests robust restructuring processes and implements the same at all levels to meet growing business demands. The Module of business process re-engineering at Powersolv includes various stages-

  • Understand existing processes
  • Develop vision and objectives
  • Identify process for redesign
  • Identify change levers
  • Implement the new process
  • Make new process operational
  • Evaluate the new process
  • Ongoing continuous improvement
Training and Documentation

Powersolv has extensive experience in documentation services that has been developed and refined by providing it to our clients for over two decades. Our effective documentation brings in clarity, enhances user understanding, supports problem solving, facilitates learning, and simplifies complex technical processes and systems.

Powersolv helps you develop, implement, and maintain the content to support employee learning and performance support. Our experts are experienced with training employees on a wide array of subjects and provide you with unparalleled training support ensuring that your organization can adopt any new technologies or systems.


At Powersolv, we provide sturdy documentation and training practices and methods for our customers to help them achieve a structural setup and efficiently meet business objectives. Our documentation services include:

  • Technical writing
  • Training material
  • Editing, Quality Assurance, and testing
  • Document set design and planning
  • Standards and template development
  • Publication planning (for print, web, and mobile)
  • Information auditing
  • Content architecture
  • Content re-branding
  • Content re-use analysis and planning
  • Content restructuring, and reduction analysis and planning
Network Management

Powersolv leverages its ITIL best practices to deliver services in the field of network integration, management and operations and every aspect of troubleshooting server & client environment, and software and hardware upgrades. We consistently strive to use our extensive expertise in technology to offer cost efficient and transformative customer assistive solutions to address our client needs.


Our network management practice involves the following areas:

  • Security Management: The goal is to control access to network resources per local guidelines so that the network cannot be sabotaged (intentionally or unintentionally).
  • Fault Management: The goal is to detect, log, notify users of, and (to the extent possible) automatically fix network problems to keep the network running effectively.
  • Configuration Management: - The goal is to monitor network and system configuration information so that the effects on network operation of various versions of hardware and software elements can be tracked and managed.
  • Performance Management: Powersolv follows either client mandated performance metrics or its CMMI Level 3 Standard Measurement and Analysis practice to monitor, measure and report network performance.
IT Service Desk

Powersolv's IT Service Desk is much more than the traditional help desks; we provide our customers with immediate and professional support with budgeted and reasonable overheads. Our help desk comprises of highly professional experts, certified for their skills and are available 24*7 via phone, mailers and web chats on our secure web portal.


Powersolv leverages ITIL best practices methodology to run a highly efficient and cost effective support operation. Here is where Powersolv Services can help:

  • Establish and operate your IT help desk 24x7.
  • Use multiple medium of service such as real-time voice, email, chat and remote login support to your end users
  • Infrastructure sizing, capacity planning, installing, patching, upgrading, supporting, and maintaining servers, and planning for and responding to service outage
  • Maintenance of network facilities in individual machines
  • Maintenance of file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems and overall System and Database Administration
  • Update software security patches, operating system updates, performance tuning, log analysis, maintaining application updates and bug fixes
IT Security Management

At Powersolv, we provide dedicated security management services for your organization's IT based enterprise needs, we seamlessly blend risk-based intelligence with big data analytics and algorithms that take care of your organization's top-to-bottom risk and security framework. Our Security Services address the critical needs of security implementation and operations of our government clients.

Our IT security management system is a set of policies and procedures that systematically manages your organization's sensitive data. Our aim through this service is to provide business continuity and risk minimization. Our solutions enable our clients to implement and maintain a security strategy that not only addresses the objective of information security program to reduce risk but also provides the reasonable assurance for regulatory compliance requirements.


As a service provider for IT security, we ensure to:

  • Analyze
  • Interview and Inspect Audit (monthly, quarterly and annually)
  • Automate vulnerability assessment for both Internal and External Networks
  • Recommend security measures
  • Implement (remediate and train)
  • Report (automated summaries)
  • Monitor and Adjust
Infrastructure Management

Businesses today have accepted and incorporated IT in their processes and expect IT infrastructure to be vigorous yet agile enough to adapt to the changing market and technology landscape, at reduced costs. An IT infrastructure must display operational efficiency and flexibility to be effective at realizing organizational goals.

Powersolv sets up, manages and supports your entire IT infrastructure supporting your hardware, telecom, database management and system support operations. We provide consistent, world-class services at cost effective rates for your infrastructure and data center needs as per your organization’s specific plans. Your infrastructure can be hosted in, and managed remotely from the most appropriate or cost-effective locations; at the same time guaranteeing its continuous operability.


Powersolv's value proposition is to provide:

  • Asset Management
  • Cloud management
  • Storage management
  • Database Management
  • Application management
  • Automation
  • Desktop Management
  • Operations Quality
  • Desktop support
Virtualization Services

Virtualization is the process by which we can create a virtual version of a device or resource such as a server, storage device or network. Virtualization is a viable tool to increase business flexibility as it increases the accessibility and availability of key business resources. A virtualization plan must be exhaustive and meticulous as if not executed well, they can create technical complexities that could result in long deployment cycles and performance problems. Virtualization if deployed effectively can provide your enterprise with a host of advantages, ultimately leading to more efficient business process functioning.


Powersolv Provides Virtualization Services over multiple platforms. The types of Virtualization Services we provide are:

  • Platform Virtualization
  • Memory Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Network (Device and Input/Output) Virtualization
IT Systems Integration and Management

IT Service Integration and Management aims to manage multiple services for a single enterprise. Powersolv also aims to seamlessly integrate independent services from a variety of sources and compile them into end-to-end services.


At Powersolv, we offer systems integration, management, information assurance, data engineering, IT support, business intelligence along with program support services. We also provide business and fiscal support, facilitate operations support, and administer cyber security/information assurance, security with intelligence and provide exclusive emergency management. Our services are focused at facilitating government agencies with simplified technology for easier functioning. We aim to place technologies in line with your business objectives to achieve the desired levels of efficiency. The key steps in IT System Integration and Management are to:

  • Understand Business Context
  • Gauge your Readiness
  • Create a Governance System
  • Identify Required Infrastructure
  • Identify Supporting Applications
Microsoft Center of Excellence

Powersolv is a Gold Level Partner with Microsoft and operates a Microsoft Center of Excellence with a team of experts in various Microsoft technologies. Our team has expertise in providing SharePoint Solution, Azure Solutions, Office 365 Services to name a few to help meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity.

At Powersolv, we aim to collaborate Microsoft led software solutions and technologies to implement the needs of organizations at all levels, from small to large enterprises. Microsoft solutions are comprehensive and easily adaptable by the user. Our team dealing with the Microsoft Center of Excellence designs, customizes and incorporates solutions that simplify processes with a variety of suitable digital tools, platforms and technologies.


We give insider advice and insights to the customers on Microsoft technologies to facilitate better informed decisions. As part of our services supported by Microsoft, we ensure to establish and maintain the best coding standards for Microsoft technologies.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management is a specified enterprising service dedicated to increasing cost effectiveness and to extracting maximum business agility backed by optimized cloud based resources. In Cloud management, the software and technologies that operate and monitor applications, data and services reside in the cloud. Cloud management tools help ensure cloud computing-based resources are working optimally and interacting properly with users and other services.

At Powersolv, we have been consistently providing Azure, Amazon and other cloud based services to garner greater operational agility, higher standardized IT Governance along with robust integration of components across the enterprises in the form of applications based on cloud infrastructure.


Organizations that rely on cloud infrastructure experience higher levels of efficiency and output from their management activities. Powersolv monitors your environment to ensure availability of your critical business systems. We employ highly skilled experts with in depth experience on industry leading Cloud computing platforms and technologies to help you make the right decisions.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Powersolv has been a consistent and dedicated provider of cloud based applications and technologies for its customers. Though the cloud does deliver many benefits, they can only be fully realized through an exhaustive and extensive cloud strategy. Powersolv’s comprehensive cloud strategies enable our customers to derive unmatched agility, efficiency and innovation from cloud based solutions. Our resolve is to transform IT, reduce operational expenses whilst providing a roadmap for the integration of the cloud in your business processes.


Cloud computing has emerged as a quintessentially innovative technology and has settled itself in the technology industry as an essential method to guide the future of the organizational IT management. We help our customers gain a competitive advantage through the cloud by providing domain expertise across industries with clear knowledge of industry best practices. Our strategies help customers define, improve and re-engineer processes, to adopt industry trends and maintain relevancy in the marketplace.

Application Modernization and Migration

Technology is rapidly evolving and changing, the rate of technological advancement and redundancy has reached a feverish pace. These challenges reveal an urgent need for enterprises to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. Powersolv’s modernization and migration services permit organizations to modernize and migrate older platforms to newer ones with minimum risk and maximum efficiency.


We help you tackle the multiple challenges that come along with the adoption of small to large scale transformative initiatives. The philosophy of application modernization and migration is centered around doing away with obsolete processes and functions and adopting new technologies and initiatives that reflect the latest trends in your business practices. Our process concentrates on taking legacy applications, re-engineering them and creating enterprise ready applications that are both relevant and cost effective.

IT Security Governance

IT Security Governance is the system that organizations implement to direct and control IT security. Due to advancement in cybersecurity threats, an organization’s information is more vulnerable than ever, there is an increased need to preserve the integrity of information. In the wake of increased demands, Powersolv provides comprehensive IT security governance system that systematically secures and protects your organization’s mission critical and sensitive information.

Powersolv’s services help our clients establish and enforce security policies and standards that will be maintained throughout the system of the organization as a standard practice. We provide a governance framework that contains a host of management tools, comprehensive risk management approach and awareness program for all members of an organization to partake in security governance.


Powersolv aims to provide you with a security system that is well organized, easy to implement, and ensures proficient IT security governance for your organization.

User Adoption and Training

Implementation of new and better technologies and systems is essential for any business to stay afloat, however implementation alone doesn’t guarantee the success of the project or initiative. The lack of user adoption i.e. employee resistance or lack of management support can be the main hurdles to a successful implementation plan. User adoption and training are essential to organizational success regardless of the size or complexity.


Our experts at Powersolv are dedicated to ensuring that the solutions we provide you are adopted by members of your organization and are seamlessly incorporated into your business process. We provide your employees with the necessary training to efficiently and seamlessly adapt to the new system or technology.

Our focus is to create awareness that eventually leads to buy-in engagement from our customers.